Photo Masking Services

Three important things wholeness, harmony and riddance are highly required to make a thing true, beautiful and perfect. This is why some sophisticated and eye-catching pictures need further attention and definitely a delicate touch to make them perfect, more attractive and aesthetically appealing. Actually, these images lack something new that bar them becoming perfect from the near perfect.  

Besides, special motifs demand for special measures and subtle touches can meet a specific requirement righteously. Clipping path is not well enough to achieve it. Therefore, you need some more to support the clipping path technique. Photo masking, the finest of all photo editing services, can fulfill this purpose exactly. We at OURS Global Photo Editing Services company specializes in offering photo masking services.

Our technical capacities, personnel resources and years of professional experience enable us to ensure you the finest images according to your needs with some advanced uses like background removal, soft masking and hard edge clipping path techniques. Using or extracting the finest of image elements like hair, facial hair, fur, feathers, woolen cloth, eyelashes, smoke and mist, skin hair, and other furry texture, we make your images engaging and visually appealing to evoke a widely different sentiment (at times akin to ecstasy) to meet your special motifs perfectly.    

Our Photo Masking Services

  • Image Masking
  • Hair Masking
  • Product Masking
  • Alpha Channel Masking
  • Photoshop Transparency Masking
  • Translucent Image Masking
  • Photoshop Collage Masking

Besides, we offer a wide array of other sub-services under it. In order to grab more detailed attention or ensure accurate details of soft edges, we isolate objects from the background. Moreover, to bring about color contrast, we bring in color masking. To separate the product from the closest colored background, we use Pen Tablets. It allows us to ensure the best quality color masking service. We are highly acclaimed for our accuracy in perfect product-edge-blending achieved through our expertise in product masking solution.

A world class pool of expert graphic designers and professional photo editors uses pen tablets to change the color tone, brightness, contrast, and exposure of an image. Our expertise in soft masking has helped us become a favorite choice for many reputable e-commerce companies, advertisement agencies, fashion houses, magazines, and model photographers.

Why choose us as your Photo Masking Service Provider?

  • 10+ Years of experience in clipping path and photo masking
  • Project delivery within defined turnaround time
  • Huge production capability
  • Specialty in isolating objects from the background and bringing about the color contrast to make all times more visible.  
  • A significant number of satisfied clientele
  • All views are created sincerely without using any automated software
  • Save your time and money significantly when you outsource us to produce high-quality images
  • Streamline photo masking process after a number of brainstorming sessions at our workstation
  • A world-class pool of clipping and masking professionals to meet the global standard    
  • We can work for you according to your preferred time zone
  • Quality solutions at the most competitive prices
  • Reliable partner for outsourcing your photo masking projects
  • Creative and Innovative solutions
  • Quick process management
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified for delivering high-quality images
  • Over one thousand satisfied clientele across the globe
  • Strong infrastructure for ensuring quality solutions within defined turnaround time
  • 10 percent of resources "in reserve" to deliver the projects on time or before time, especially during the time of holidays and off days
  • A wide range of photo masking service options to choose from

We are a suitable and favorite choice for those companies looking for a quality photo masking solutions at the most competitive prices. The outsourcing method is very simple. You just need to upload photos and mention your needs clearly, we will work and send the photos retouched.

For more queries or needs you can call us or mail us anytime you like. Request us for a quote and free consultation. We are only a few mouse clicks or fingertips away from you.

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