HDR Blending Services

Technological advancements are always coming at an ever-increasing pace. This is no different in the field of photography – new techniques to generate the best quality images at a specific resolution while preserving all detail and minimizing file size are being developed on a day to day basis. However, there are some old techniques that are being updated to come to today’s standards of photography. One such technique is High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging. This practice is quite old; however, they are being introduced to camera phones such as iPhones as well as phones in the Android ecosystem. This is a method that tries to add more dynamic range to your photographs, which means a better ratio of light to dark. Three photos are taken with different exposure levels and then put together in order to highlight the best parts of the scene taken from each of the three photographs. This is done internally in most cameras and smartphones today with just one button tap required from your side.

However, HDR does not always produce the perfect image. In case of movement of objects, for example, HDR actually increases the chance of your photograph being blurry. Another example is for scenes with a high level of contrast. HDR tries to mix these images and the result is a suppressed, less intense photograph which may be less appealing than what you may expect. On the other side of the spectrum are images that have too much colour detail in them. HDR tends to wash out these colours to produce a duller image in many cases. Therefore, HDR Blending corrections are required in order to produce the perfect image. However, this is a time-consuming and laborious endeavour. Therefore, outsource your HDR Blending & Correction needs today to an industry-acclaimed, global leader in HDR Blending services like Photo Editing Services Company in order to save on costs, skilled labour and most importantly, to have a worry-free experience.

Our HDR Blending & Correction Services

Photo Editing Services Company is a global leader in the field of HDR Blending Correction. Our vast network of industry veterans will ensure that you are provided the best service in a short timeframe. Our clients range from the US to UK, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Iceland, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Dubai, India, Canada, Finland and many other major countries across the world.

We work on a digitally scanned version of your image in order to enable you as well as our professional image analysts to examine and compare the original image set with our resultant image. This is to ensure that we provide you an image that completely satisfies your needs without any defect that you may feel with the image later on. We apply advanced techniques such as Image Bracketing, Perspective Correction and Colour Balance in order to make the resultant image as flawless as the original scene you meant to capture was. Multiple exposure blending and editing is our speciality and you can rest assured that the end image you get is one that you can be proud of.

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Upload your photos from your mobile, tablet or desktop computer.


Our team of professional editors will perform over on your images within 24 hours.


Each image is viewed & checked by our quality control team.


Processed images will be sent via FTP, Dropbox, etc..