Adding Texts/Objects to Photographs

Just a decade ago, photographs were nothing but the raw pictures taken with minimal or no enhancements or other additions inserted into them. However, the scenario is completely different today. Image enhancement has become the norm, with filters and other effects added to almost every picture that is taken today. The advent of smartphones has also contributed greatly to this cause, with more than 80% of all photographs taken today being taken by these devices and being stored in a digital format. Over the last decade, one emerging trend has been the addition of an upper layer of text over a photograph. Whether done for advertising, informational purposes or just by individuals to post captions on images, the fact is that adding text onto photographs is commonplace today. Taking this phenomenon one step further is the addition of separate, individual objects onto a photograph to give the illusion of the object being a photograph.

In any case, the need of the hour is to find an easy way to add the objects or text you desire into your photographs. However, doing so without damaging the original photograph is a job that requires fine craftmanship and experts in the domain of image processing in order to make the addition seamless and look natural, as if the text and objects were part of the original photograph. Therefore, outsourcing your needs for addition of text or objects into your photographs is generally the best course of action. This way, you can cut on costs for hiring and training professionals and also rest worry-free if you choose an industry leader like us.

Our Services for Addition of Texts/ Objects

Photo Editing Services Company is a pioneer when it comes to the addition of texts and objects to images. Our vast network of industry experts in the field of image processing ensure that the original image is preserved with no loss of detail while adding these new elements. Our clients span across the world, from US to UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Finland, Iceland, Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia and other major countries across the globe.

We work on a digitally scanned version of your image so that you as well as our image analysts can examine and compare your original image with the one that we have generated in order to ensure that the text or objects are added in a way that you find acceptable while not losing any detail that is present in the original image.

You can completely customize factors such as the font size or the font of the text, the location where the text has to be inserted, the colour and any other such factor with no extra charge. When it comes to objects, regardless of the size of the original object image, we can resize it in order to make it suitably mould with your desired image.

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