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specialty camps & programs

We believe all young people deserve to experience the awe and power of nature. 

That means not just welcoming and affirming every kid or teen that signs up for a program, but proactively reaching out to young people who might lack access to the outdoors or frequently have to work against barriers that keep them from experiencing nature. 

Intentionally inclusive programming is happening at Camp Fire councils all over the country for young people with different abilities, backgrounds and financial resources.

Read about how one council is creating safe spaces at camp through their LGBTQ2S+ weeks:

Examples of specialty camps include:

Grief Camps

Gluten Free camps

LGBTQ2S+ camps

Camps for young people on the spectrum

Family Camps

Camps for young people who are refugees or whose parents are refugees

Camps for young people with disabilities

Camps for young people affected by the criminal justice system

Specialty camp locations

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