After 70 Years Camp Fire’s Famous Mints Take a Bow: The Final Season of Camp Fire Candy Sales to Celebrate a Valued Partnership, Legacy with Brown & Haley

JUNE 11, 2024 – For Camp Fire candy lovers and alumni, this news will be hard to hear. It’s with a heavy heart that we share this will be the last season of candy sales (Aug. 2024 – Feb. 2025) with Brown & Haley: don’t miss your last chance to order our famous Camp Fire Mints. 

It is an impactful 70-year legacy worth celebrating:

“Working with Brown & Haley these past 70 years has given our youth tremendous growth opportunities,” said Rick Taylor, CEO of Camp Fire Central Puget Sound based in Seattle, Wa. “[Young people] got to use candy sales to work on goal setting, developing a plan and tracking progress, having conversations with adults and realizing the successes of their time and efforts. Though the boxes and the count may have changed over the years, the one constant in our eight-decade partnership with Brown & Haley has been Camp Fire Mints. Whether eaten straight out of the box, frozen then put in your coffee or used to make the best s’more you ever have tasted, mints will always bring back fond memories to generations of Camp Fire youth.”

This was a difficult decision based on market demands, production efficiency, and Brown & Haley’s own business objectives. In dedication to our long-standing partnership, Brown & Haley has continued to make mints over the past two decades on one machine dedicated to Camp Fire alone.

Camp Fire Girls - 1965 stacking candy sales boxes
Photo Credit: Los Angeles Public Library/Valley Times Collection – 1965

“We have been grateful for the opportunity to work with Camp Fire for over 70 years,” said John Melin, CEO & President of Brown & Haley. “We appreciate the positive impact that the Camp Fire organization has on our communities and youth, and we are proud to have played a role in your organization’s success through the Candy Fundraiser. Camp Fire is an important part of Brown & Haley’s company heritage. We would like to express our continued support and admiration for the important work that Camp Fire does in our community. We believe in the important role that the organization plays in providing valuable experiences and opportunities for young people, and we remain committed to supporting your mission.” 

Camp Fire Mint-lovers will have one last year to stock up!

Camp Fire Central Puget Sound selling candy at a toy store
Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Brown & Haley will re-do the packaging and mints will be sold in plastic pouches. Affiliates will consider other offerings for the future that will work best for their own programs and communities that can engage youth in entrepreneurial and business development activities.

Mints may be gone but the memories, skills learned, and nostalgic taste will linger for all time. A huge thank you to Brown & Haley, Camp Fire affiliates and youth, alumni, and mint-lovers for such a cherished and long-standing relationship. Cheers to the next chapter and new ways to best adapt and serve our youth and families for the decades to come. 

Contact your local Camp Fire affiliate to buy your candy!



Growing up is hard. That’s why Camp Fire connects young people to the outdoors, to others, and to themselves. Founded in 1910, Camp Fire was the first nonsectarian, multiracial organization for girls but today is an inclusive national youth development nonprofit that serves all young people. By creating safe spaces where young people can have fun and be themselves, its 46 affiliates in 24 states provide affirming, year-round, youth-driven experiences—school day programs, afterschool programs, leadership programs, and camps and outdoor education—that enable youth to develop essential skills that have long-term benefits and make a positive social impact on the world. 

For more information please contact:

Erin K Risner, Director of Marketing & Communications, Camp Fire National Headquarters, 913.289.4773,

June 11, 2024

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