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After 70 Years Camp Fire’s Famous Mints Take a Bow: The Final Season of Camp Fire Candy Sales to Celebrate a Valued Partnership, Legacy with Brown & Haley

JUNE 11, 2024 – For Camp Fire candy lovers and alumni, this news will be hard to hear. It’s with

It’s not a program; it’s a practice

Youth voice at Camp Fire  Living out your values is never easy. One of our core Camp Fire values is,

Caring for your mental health when the algorithm has other ideas

It’s 7 am. Your alarm just went off. You have a few minutes before you have to get out of
Little Kids, Big Impact

Little Kids, Big Impact

The research is undeniable: Early childhood education lays the foundation for lifelong learning, health and well-being. Studies show that sustained,

Embrace your own ecosystem

As we get ready for Earth Day, we’re curious how our community is responding to environmental challenges in an everyday
Camp Fire People & Impact 2022-2023

Camp Fire’s People & Impact: 2022-2023

The desire for connection is something we all feel, but there is an inherent vulnerability tied to it. To connect,

Writing Tips, Ideas & Examples for #KidDay

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® is right around the corner (third Thursday in March)! If you find yourself running a little low

5 Ways to Make a Big Impact for Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®

Here at Camp Fire, every day is about helping kids thrive. But we wanted to take one day a year